Productivity systems fail.

Todorant works.

  • Focus on one task at a time
  • Always add a date or a month to a task
  • Complete unpleasant tasks (frogs) first
  • Keep your inbox empty

What's the difference?

All other productivity apps focus on storing, organizing and automating endless lists of tasks. Todorant focuses on the only thing that matters: it makes you complete the tasks.

Todorant uses a carefully crafted set of limits and praise to punish bad behaviour and support good habits. It affects the primitive part of the brain to make it crave completing todos like people crave sugar.

I've read and tried 20+ productivity books and methodologies. When all of them failed one by one I combined their components and simplified the result. This is how Todorant was created.


Truly cross-platform











What's the deal?

Todorant is free for the first 30 days and then it is $5/month. It is more expensive than competitors because it works. If you don't get $5 worth of productivity in the first 30 days of the free trial, you are welcome not to continue to use Todorant.

No strings attached. You don't need to give us any information like a credit card at all before your trial ends. You don't even need an account if you install the mobile apps!

The only exception is if you signup on iOS, Apple has forced us to make you commit to a free trial before you can use the app. The way to avoid this limit is to create an account here, on the website, and then log in on the iOS app.

What do the users say?

Gendoor avatar
@GendoorMessages in the subscription part are cute :)Thank you for the simple service thriving for the ideal. Turned out that it not only helps to be productive but also proactive. Little daily improvements confidently enhance life, and the free mind is constantly looking how to fill now emptied todo list so that it could feel the pleasure of completing tasks again and again — and it is a direct route towards improving everything surrounding me.All in all, Todorant, no matter how simple at first glance, can become a faithful ally in any business. Thank you, Nikita, for unleashing the aspects of true productivity and sharing them with us in a convenient solution.Thankful Todorant subscriber.